Pathways to Parenting

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 Our Mission Statement

"Guiding parents on their journey to healthy relationships with their children and beyond"

In our mobile, fast-paced culture, we have lost much of what is important when it comes to the focus of our chldren and family lives. Finding that strength as a parent and individual is invaluable as we grow both as children and parents.Pathways to Enlightened Parenting works with families involved in a variety of situations.  Working one-on-one with the individual parent(s)  and the children. We focus on the life history of the parent and how their "story" impacts their parenting abilities in the moment. Using mentoring, modeling, and standard teaching methods, change is gained through committed work by the parent and the Parent Coach or Case Manager.  We maintain a focus of expectation for success, believing the parent will apply the tools and make the changes necessary to bring remain successfully involved in the lives of their child(ren).